Historic Loan Program

For Homeowners

Providing low-cost loans for home repairs and restoration, packaged with full-service technical assistance protects historic neighborhoods for future generations, preserves our collective history, and keeps families in their homes.


As the cost of living continues to rise in Sarasota, the displacement of some of our long-term homeowners is amplified. A shortage of skilled labor and knowledgeable tradespeople leaves our historic communities vulnerable to demolition. This initiative of the Sarasota Preservation Program seeks to put the necessary resources in place to protect these historic neighborhoods and ensure that the stories their buildings tell live on.

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation's Historic Loan Program (HLP) offers affordable home repair loans for external renovation of historic homes. Flexible underwriting practices allow us to make loan funds available to homeowners who do not qualify for traditional bank lending, including retirees and those of low to moderate incomes.

Our loans are coupled with hands-on homeowner support to ensure affordable, quality repairs are completed in accordance with preservation standards. Funds are held in escrow and paid directly to your selected contractor, taking the burden off the homeowner to ensure that the work is done properly, on-budget, and on-time.

    Eligible Properties:

  • Residential properties 50 years or older
  • Located in Central Cocoanut or Newtown
  • Potentially eligible for local historic designation or a contributing resource to a local or national historic district
  • *Historic designation NOT required for participation.

    Qualified Projects Include:

  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Structural remediation
  • External wood repair (siding and trim)
  • Porch restoration
  • Window repair and replacement
  • Masonry and stucco repair and sealing
  • Tenting and WDO prevention

    Learn More:

    To find out if your home project qualifies,

     please call 941-529-1833.

    For a detailed description of how the SAHP is with you every step of the way, check out the program details:

    Program Details

The Historic Loan Program is made possible with the generous support of The 1772 Foundation, Inc., the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, and our incredible members.